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and her neck rose very straight from the banded lace collar
of the guimpe.   She pushed open the door with a firm
motion.   " Just go in/' she told him.
" Thank you," he replied, and bowed slightly.
She made no reply.

He saw Mr. Christian rising to meet him, and then the
two other men. "Well, you got here/' Mr. Christian was
saying, "Wish you'd had supper with us. We had some
right good vittles, if I do say it. Sukie, now, she sets a good
table; she keeps the niggers humping round that kitchen."
He thrust out his big hand at Mr. Munn, and said, " Sorry
you couldn't come."

" I know I missed something/' Mr, Munn rejoined.
"Maybe he did, didn't he, Mac?"   Mr. Christian nodded
in the direction of one of the two other men, a stranger, a
lanky man with coarse, reddish hair.

"He sure did/' the red-haired man said in a gentle, drawl-
ing voice, " and I'm a judge."

Mr. Christian led Mr. Munn across the room to the other
man, who was tall too, and so gauntly rawboned that his
long, square-cut black coat hung from his shoulders in appar-
ently empty folds. "Well, Professor," Mr. Christian said,
" this is Percy Munn." And turning to Mr. Munn: " And
this is Professor Ball. But I bet you know him. Everybody
knows the Professor."

"I know Mr. Munn," the rawboned man responded, and
thrust out his hand, " but I haven't seen him in a long time,'
years, in fact.  Tonight is a privilege."

" Thank you, sir," Mr. Munn said, and was about to grasp
the offered hand when he saw that it was completely swathed
in bandages. Involuntarily he stopped, his glance resting on
the carefully wound white cloths. Each finger was wrapped
separately to make a great, clumsy, club-like glove. Then
he remembered.

" It will cause me no pain," the Professor assured him, and
seized Mr. Munn's hand, "A trifling affliction which time
tad the ministrations of my learned son-in-law over there "__